Have you been injured in a Car Accident?

A recent news article listed the worst drivers in America by city.  If you drive at all in Baltimore or D.C., you will not be surprised to discover that both cities were highly ranked on the list.  Baltimore came in fourth on the list behind Washington, D.C., New York and Los Angeles.  Knowing how some people take red lights as suggestions rather than requirements in the City, you can understand the ranking.  Braving the roads of Baltimore on a daily basis puts you at the mercy of some of the careless people who earned the City it’s ranking.  Have you been the victim of one of these drivers?

Tom Neary helps people who have been hurt in accidents get what they need to move on with their lives.  He gets them the compensation they deserve so that they can recover from the pain, loss, and complications that injuries cause.  No one wants to be in a car accident, a fall, or other accident but Tom does his best to ensure that the person can recover from it and move on in life. Click here to learn more about Tom Neary.

Have you been in a car accident in Baltimore?  Are you looking for an attorney near Baltimore to represent you? Tom Neary can help.   He has years of experience working with the victims of automobile negligence.

Tom also can help with other types of injury cases.  Are you injured from a job or been a victim of medical malpractice?  Call Tom!  He can help.

The Law Office of Thomas E. Neary, LLC is located just outside of the City line in Catonsville and Elkridge.  Call (443)543-6767 for a Free Consultation!

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Lawyer Serving Baltimore Since 1990

Tom Neary has been serving Baltimore residents for more than 20 years.  He is heavily involved in the community and has represented friends and neighbors in all of the local courts.  Tom has tried high impact personal injury cases in Baltimore City and the surrounding areas.  Whether someone was hit trying to cross Light Street or at an Orioles game, Tom has seen it and helped his clients through it.  He is involved with all of the legal issue of the area.

Before starting the Law Office of Thomas E. Neary, LLC, Tom was a partner in a Baltimore City litigation firm.  Tom worked his way to that position handling a large number of personal injury cases of all types.  Tom has advocated for his clients whether they were hit in the rear at a stop light or crushed by a forklift.  He has litigated medical malpractice claims involving physicians and hospitals in Maryland and Washington, D.C..  This extensive experience is combined with the one on one service that Tom takes pride in providing in a smaller firm environment.  You are not just a number with Tom, you are a valued client.

Tom Neary is also very active in the community and in advocating on its behalf.  Tom represented a group of neighbors pushing back against the overreach of an aggressive developer in a recent pro bono case.  At trial and through administrative agency work, Tom prevented the developer from taking more of the communities resources than allowed under the law. Tom’s work prevented the developer from slipping their requests in without notice and eventually having them denied.  Tom has also successfully advocated for the people of Baltimore in a wide variety of cases.

Tom cares very much about the health of the region and volunteers his time for a number of local causes.  In addition to being a lawyer, husband, and dad, Tom is also a pastor for his church and youth coach for families from Catonsville, Arbutus, Woodlawn and the surrounding towns  He loves interacting with and helping people achieve success.

If you are looking for an attorney near Baltimore to do a great job on your case, call Tom Neary now!


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